Early Kind James Bible with Common Prayer etc.

The booke of common prayer, with the Psalter or Psalmes of David: of that translation which is appointed to be read in churches [1615], John Speed. The genealogies recorded in the sacred Scriptures.The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament, and the New newly translated out of the originall tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and reuised ; by His Maiesties speciall commandement [1620] The New Testament of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ”Newly tranlated out of the Originall Greeke.[1621]. – [Both London Bonham Norton and John Bill. Two right profitable and fruitfull concordances : or, large and ample tables alphabeticall. The first containing the interpretation of the Hebrew, Caldean, Greek, and Latine words, and names scatteringly dispersed throughout the whole Bible, with their common places following euery of them. And the second comprehending all such other principall words and matters, as concerne the sense and meaning of the Scriptures, or direct vnto any necessary and good instruction. The further contents and vse of both the which tables (for breuitie sake) is expressed more at large in the preface to the reader: and will serue as well for the translation called Geneua, as for the other authorized to bee read in churches.[1621]


Darlow&Moule, 376; Early King James Bible, bound with Book of Common Prayer etc. Old callygraphic dedication from 1666.
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London, Robert Barker; bonham Norton and John Bill; Company of Stationiers., 1615,1620,1621.

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